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=LOVE - TV Asahi Roppongi Idol Festival 2019 191012 (TV Asahi)

Artist : "=LOVE"
Title : "TV Asahi Roppongi Idol Festival 2019"
Date : "October 12th, 2019"
Event Date : "July 26th, 2019"
Broadcast : "TV Asahi"
Download Link:
Google Drive [1080p] [783 Mb]
Google Drive [720p] [398 Mb]
Google Drive [480p] [163 Mb]

M00. Overture
M01. Want you! Want you!
M02. Todoite LOVE YOU♡
M03. Iranai Twintail
M04. Youkoso! Ikorabu Numa
M05. =LOVE